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We embrace diversity as a key to success (see also e.g., Iwasaki A Nat Immunol 2019). Our team of researchers at the Bergthaler Lab represents a wide range of wetlab and computational biology expertise with team members of many different nationalities, beliefs and backgrounds. We are strong advocates of collaborative teamwork and are united in our dedication, expertise and passion for scientific excellence and making a change.

Mission Statement

The Bergthaler Lab is an academic research laboratory located at the Medical University of Vienna in Vienna, Austria. We are dedicated to conducting groundbreaking research in the fields of immunology and infectious diseases. More specifically, we are passionate about systemic immunometabolism, pathophysiology and advanced pathogen surveillance. Our diverse and international team employs cutting-edge techniques and cross-disciplinary collaborations from areas such as epidemiology, imaging, microbiology, neurobiology and public health, to dissect fundamental mechanisms of health and diseases. We share our findings with the scientific community and are passionate to reach out to the broader public through various channels of science communication.

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